Back at the beginning

So it goes that my dear husband, Deric decided to present me with a domain name for my birthday (see previous post). What an interesting and unusual gift. I now need to figure out what I will do with this gloriously new website.

Bear in mind that my blogging habits have dwindled over the years, particularly since I graduated and entered the daunting world of working folk. At times, subjects of intrigue do flash across my mind and I do consider putting them down into words, stories, poems, blog posts… but often times, I fail to, or rather, choose to put it off. The reason being that I often fear the invisible critic, the prying eyes who may read what I have to say and then, in response, do some nasty or unthinkable thing to me in spite, all thanks to my careless prose.

But perhaps I should revive this somewhat dying habit of mine. To blog candidly, once again, and to share what I can with whatever fraction of the world’s population that might deign to read my stories in this humble new  home I have on the Internet.

I am a few years wiser now, calmer, blissfully married and a lot better at writing (I hope) since I now carve a career dependent on this very skill. So let’s hope that I will have priceless gems to offer up here.

So, following an old IT convention, I leave you for now with these familiar words: Hello world. 

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