Home before dark

Food I wish I had in front of me right now.

Good day, peeps 🙂

It’s a nice peaceful evening here at my apartment and I’ve just gotten back from work in time to enjoy the last hour or so of sunshine before night comes to call.

It’s the eve of a public holiday so my spirits are up and the hours seemed to slip by extra quick today at work.

Since you probably aren’t well acquainted with my habits, I am actually fond of returning home from work before dark because arriving home after nightfall tends to give me a defeated feeling. Like I lost to the sun in the race towards home, so to speak.

I’m feeling particularly ravenous this evening. Perhaps it’s because  didn’t eat up all my rice during lunch time. Hoho. So it’s time to grab a snack.

I know I haven’t said anything particularly useful in this post, but I guess not every conversation has to be a profound one, isn’t it? Our daily chatter consists of both useful and not-so-useful talk. So I hope you’ll happily devour this post even though it isn’t clever in the least.

But just to make it worth your while, I have a lot of stories in mind for upcoming posts. Prepare for a lowdown of my latest experiments in the kitchen, poetic interludes about my relationship with my husband, titbits from the desk of a mainstream media journalist, spiritual contemplations, poems, fiction, reviews and a lot more… I hope. Haha.

I’m still trying to tweak a few things about this blog. One of those things being the link for my posts. I want it to read “Chatter” but unfortunately, I have yet to figure out a way how to do it. Sigh. Nightmares return from the pits of my hellish programming days. Aargh.

Well, anyway, that’s a problem to be solved later. For now, I’ll head off in search of biscuits for my rumbling tummy. Bye ! 🙂

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