It is difficult to write these days, even more so to blog. I am still trying to figure out why.

Perhaps it’s because of a lack of enchantment over day-to-day events (as compared to the past foolish excitement experienced while blogging during adolescence)? Or overwhelmingly stringent principles of self-editing that were previously non-existent? Maybe it’s due to the fear of sounding silly or trivial? Or, just the evidence a creative mind turned dull thanks to being seared by routine?

I came across an interesting blog today called Life For Beginners, which has been set up by another Malaysian writer who also blogs. I find his short posts quite captivating, and in response, I once again beat myself up mentally for not trying harder to at least put up blog posts more regularly or to write about more fascinating subject matter.

It’s funny how my creative writing abilities have gone downhill since I started writing for a living. Something seriously needs to be done.


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