Take to the skies

Hot air balloon ride
It’s a different sort of view when you’re up in the air

As the year draws to a close, I look back at the amazing distances I’ve come through over the past 12 months. I guess it can be summed up through my recent experience being in a hot air balloon.

I have always thought of hot air balloons as enchanting, but never really imagined I’d have a chance to actually hop into one. Then, during one of my recent work assignments, I was suddenly presented with such an opportunity. And so I went. I was only taken above the ground for a bit and then came back down again, but it’s a first for me, and firsts are always special in their own ways.

What I thought of my experience? Well, it’s terribly hot for your head when you’re inside a hot air balloon (but perhaps that’s no surprise given the name of the thing) since the mechanisms that blow out the fire and gas out to give the balloon a lift are positioned not that much higher than your head. That, coupled with our tropical Malaysian weather, was just a bit unbearable for me. So in a way, I’m glad we didn’t actually go flying around in the sky. My head felt like it just might explode if I stayed in that hot air balloon for too long.

Other than that, something else that I realised while in the hot air balloon was that the world looked a whole lot different once I was  in a more elevated position. It more or less changed my  view of things and my perception of which objects are in fact big and which are small.

Which brings me back to what I originally said about my 2012 experiences. A great chunk of what I have been through this year has been somewhat unexpected or what you can consider unchartered territory (landing a job in a mainstream media company which I had applied to for a total of three times, getting married and such) while some of these experiences have also served to change my perspective of life (for the better, I hope).

What I can conclude from it all is that I guess you’ll never know what’s up ahead. It could be good, bad, but often times, it’s just beyond what you anticipated. In the same vein, 2013 will probably have a lot of new stuff to throw at me. I wonder how I’ll cope. I know God will be there. I know I will get through. But I wonder what sort of person I’ll be when 2013 comes to a close. I guess I must have thought of the same things at the start of 2012.

Life plays out in cycles. Years, dates, months, days… those are just ways we keep track of passing time. But these means of measurement should not in any way restrict the way we perceive ourselves and what our life is becoming. Our lives are too big to be framed into years. Our destiny is too vast to be defined by dates.

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