It’s been a different sort of new year for us. With just one phone call on a Sunday morning, we were knocked right out of our usual weekly routine.

In a nutshell, Deric’s dad had gotten into a bit of trouble with his health lately and it landed him in the hospital on Sunday evening.

This is not by any means a unique tale. I’m sure many other families go through different versions of the same story. But it’s different when it’s someone else’s problems and quite another thing when it is your own.

For Deric and I, it’s our first time being directly responsible for another person’s life. It is a humbling yet sometimes heartbreaking experience. It is not easy make choices on behalf of someone else.

There have been a whole lot of decisions to make, including financial issues to worry about. I find it ironic that we can be earning a decent amount of money and still come up short, especially for purposes like this one.

The year ahead of us is largely uncertain at this point. It’s a bit scary and we’re still wondering how we’ll make it through, but I’m sure we will somehow.

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