The experience of rain over at our apartment goes like something this:

A constant rapping from the closed door of our master bedroom toilet, which makes you think that there is a monster or spirit from another world trying to force its way into the bedroom.

A loud, howling of the wind, which would surely fuel the imagination of any child who is afraid of ghosts.

Soft, rhythmic taps at the windows as if someone from the outside was throwing a dozen or more tiny pebbles at our window.

A darkened atmosphere within; a perfect time to get comfy and indulge in an array of leisurely activities such as surfing the Net, sewing or reading a book.

*     *     *

Well, that’s what usually happens when it rains. And if you don’t already know, I happen to like it when it rains. Especially when I’m already at home when it starts to pour.

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