Skype’s the limit

Pic of Live Messenger & Skype merge
The end of an era of MSN-ing

Just merged my old Live Messenger account with Skype. I already had an existing account with Skype, so it was just a matter of converging everything into one account, with multiple emails tied to the same profile.

Wow. No more MSN Messenger or Live Messenger. MSN Messenger used to be such a vital tool in my social life during my uni days. Back when I was in school, there was ICQ. Hehe. How things have evolved since then.

It used to mean so much chatting with friends online, especially during exam seasons where everyone would be holed up indoors on the pretext of studying. But when studying involves the use of a PC, there’s always the temptation to just make a brief appearance online. And then, before you know it, you’re right smack in the middle of a huge group conversation, and you can’t pull away. The hours dance by, and by bedtime, you realise you haven’t quite studied much of anything.

Then there were the times when all I had to hang my romantic hopes upon was MSN (we used to just drop the “Messenger” word behind and just refer to it that way in my uni). There were at least two significant crushes I had which I kept alive for a good year or two just by keeping in constant contact with the guy over MSN. And yes, of course, it meant a whole lot more to me than it ever did to them (one of those crushes fell in and out of love several times while I continued to dream about him and the other one confessed his love and it didn’t work out and he went overseas and all that my efforts at keeping in touch ever gained me was a later confession from him: “I’ve moved on, Susanna”).

So MSN was a very crucial part of my life at that time.

But now, years later and many chapters forward in life, I find that it doesn’t seem to matter as much to me anymore. Even my husband, Deric admits that he hardly chats online with friends much these days. I wonder why.

Perhaps with the advent of social media and the rapid rate of connectivity we maintain each day via our mobile phones and other devices while on the go, the felt need for online chat programs or web messengers has dwindled.

Although I must say, I don’t deny that Skype is rather nifty. I’ve used it for work purposes before. My freelance work, actually. Thanks to Skype I was able to take on a job where I liaised with an author who lives in Scotland. Quite an interesting experience, I must say. And challenging too, especially in terms of setting up the right time to connect on Skype – the bane of time differences.

So anyway, long live Skype. And may there continue to be plenty of ways for us to communicate for free online .

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