Freebies aplenty

Okay. So there are a few things that journos are never short of: cardboard folders, pens, pencils, writing pads and notebooks (paper ones, mind you, not laptops).

Why, you may ask.

Well, because we keep getting them as freebies when we attend events. Haha. Not that I’m complaining. These are things that I definitely use on a regular basis. It’s just funny how the supply is somewhat never ending.

FYI, I’ve not bought a single notebook or writing pad since the first day I’ve become a journalist. In that sense, it’s been a good thing.

Of course, it’s worth noting too that a large proportion of journos these days probably stick to their electronic devices when out for assignments.

But well… this poor journo has no tablet nor does she possess a capable enough smartphone which can adequately serve the dual purpose of recording interviews and taking notes at the same time. There’s the iPod Touch, but there’s also the fact that my sister had in the recent past bought me a Sony recorder which I intend to use till it’s served its useful life (as far as that is possible).

So, for me, I usually just resort to the classic pen and paper method for taking notes, and still make use of my trusty blue Sony recorder. Not to mention taking photos on my nice and compact Sony S95.

Although I guess it’s probably somewhat laughable for me to be doing things this way since I’m a tech journo and should be using the latest and most canggih* gear. (Well, if someone sponsors me some, I certainly would, to be honest).

Oh well.

Laugh if you want, I still get my bylines in the national newspapers.

AND loads of freebies on the side 😉


* Canggih means “high tech” in Malay

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