Walking on stilts



There used to be a time when I would not want to wear high heels no matter the circumstances just because I thought of them as uncomfortable and impractical, but these days, I find myself warming up to these terribly feminine footwear more.

What’s changed?

Well, for one thing, I’ve realised that these impractical pairs of stilts actually do make a woman look prettier AND more sophisticated. I guess having to take pains to choose nice heels for my wedding made me more aware of this.

So while I am still young enough to bat my eyelashes and have heads turn as I sashay by, why not slip on a pair of heels to match my feminine outfit? (Whenever I do actually wear something of that sort, that is, which is not often actually).

Plus, there’s this cool thing about being able to use high heels to throw at nasty or naughty people. I saw once on an episode of CSI:NY that someone was actually killed due to a lady having stepped on them with her high heels.

Holding up my two feet is a potent weapon ready to slay pesky beings within my radar. Woo.

Okay. Well. In reality, I still adore cute flip flops and will never pass up a chance to get away with wearing open toe shoes when I should actually be wearing something more formal. Haha.

And I’ve just made you read a rambling post of mine. Kthanksbye!

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