Earlier this morning, I was going through today’s Our Daily Journey reading for my Quiet Time. And I couldn’t help but feel that this devotional reading was most certainly written by someone of the older generation and that its views were somewhat skewed in a particular direction.

First things first, I must say that I do agree with some of the points that the writer brought up, such as the fact that tech junkies can sometimes be rather aloof, cold and shallow people (for the reason that they are lost in their own virtual world and make less efforts to connect meaningfully with others).

But I would like to take the opportunity to raise an equally important point here: technology isn’t all that bad.

In fact, used in the right way, technology can bring us closer to God and others as well. Consider, for instance, a situation people who have long been out of touch suddenly rediscover each other through Facebook and rekindle their friendship.

Or the fact that a young person (in particular, those from Generation Y) is very likely to find inspiration in the wide variety of media and information that they discover online. Perhaps they may stumble upon a video with a positive message on YouTube. Or read a true life confession of another young person who has emerged stronger from a difficult situation in life. Or maybe they were encouraged by a uplifting quote or Bible verse that they saw on Twitter.

Taken one step further, technology could also be a means of publicly proclaiming your faith, or finding a community of believers to connect with when it is impossible to find one in your own locality.

Technology can be the light at the end of the tunnel for some. A medium to carry hope, love and peace to those who aren’t looking, but in reality, really need to hear about the good things that we have seen God do in our lives.

Used wisely, technology can be a tool in support of the gospel, and not necessarily only a hindrance.

I felt the pressing need to make these views known, because I honestly believe that it’s not so much the thing itself that is evil, but how we as humans use it.

Fire can be used to destroy as well as to cleanse or purify. It’s how we choose to see things.

Technology is a neutral thing. It is us – our attitudes, focus in life, faith – that determines whether it will be used for good purposes which glorify God, or, instead, for evil.



Well, I am a tech journo, so I guess it’s expected that I would be in support of technology, isn’t it? But at the same time, I should say too that I strongly support deep, heartfelt interpersonal connections. At the end of the day, it’s all about maintaining a balance in life and keeping God in the centre of it all.


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