Pills, troublesome throats and process improvement


I have trouble swallowing pills.

I wonder if there are other people out there like me. So far, from everyone I’ve met, I’ve not heard a single adult complain about having difficulty swallowing pills.

For some reason, my throat seems awfully sensitive to things that are trying to make their way down its passageway. Even with the help of a glass of water, I somehow end up choking on pills every now and then. Well, there are plenty of times that I swallow them just fine, but the thing is, the occasional choking incident continues to occur every once in awhile.

Could it be that people just don’t know how to design pills properly such that it causes some people (namely me) to feel like gagging occasionally when trying to get it to go down my digestive tract? Or is it just that I get too tensed up about the whole swallowing pill thing that it inevitably makes me find it hard to down those tablets?

This is a funny topic, isn’t it? I doubt anyone has bothered to write about this. In fact, I’m pretty sure that many pharmaceutical companies out there don’t really see a problem with the size of their pills or even the shape of it.

Which I guess comes back to the fact that people in general don’t really feel the need to improve something that seems to work just fine (for most people, anyway). “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” seems to be the mentality behind it.

Well… that’s not good, is it? Even if it’s just for a minority like me, it would surely make my life a whole lot cheerier if I could get by every morning not worrying about whether it would be another day that I would be gagging up pills after breakfast.

But people just aren’t that way, are they? Oh well. Excuse me, I’m off to choke on a few more tablets now.

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