Baby business


Attended the first birthday party of a friend’s son over the weekend.

I’m not really sure why, but these days I feel somewhat uncomfortable being amidst a crowd of young parents.

Perhaps it’s the excess doting or how overly eager some ladies who are without children get about carrying or playing with someone else’s baby. Or maybe it’s just how overloaded the airwaves become with baby talk.

OR it could just be the fact that too many well meaning friends tend to prod me with the question: “So when’s your turn?”

*rolls eyes*

Please do not get me wrong. I do not hate children neither am I one of those women who has severely sworn off childbearing.

I am actually genuinely happy for every newfound parent and the joy they experience with the latest addition to the family.

And someday, I do hope to raise several decent children of my own.

But for now, somehow,  I just find being around doting parents and their firstborns a wee bit stifling.

I guess part of the reason could be that I honestly don’t really know what to say or do in such social situations. I can smile at babies, or get them to twirl their little fingers around one of mine for a couple of seconds, but that’s as far as it usually goes.

So please, no handing over your baby to me with the bright and cheery suggestion, “Would you like to hold my baby for awhile?” because the moment I do agree to do so, the baby will start to cry, right on cue.

The other thing is that parenting seems to be a more scary thought now that I am actually capable of having children. I feel it requires way too much than I have to offer right now.

Perhaps I’ll wait for this baby craze to die down a bit in Deric’s as well as my own social circles before I begin seriously consider planning for one of my own. I’d really prefer to skip situations of having my child and my motherhood experience compared to that of someone else’s. I have never ever liked being compared to anyone, on any arena at all.

So I’m really sorry to disappoint you, but I doubt I’ll be joining the baby bearer’s club anytime too soon.

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