There is no electricity at our condominium this evening. It is the first time this has happened since we moved in here.

I suppose you may read this and think it is indeed no big deal since such things are bound to happen every now and then. Even cities in developed nations face power outages every so often.

But, I must emphasise, it is especially painful to endure a electricity shortage when you live on the higher floors of a condo. It is absolutely no fun climbing flight after flight of stairs. (It was amusing though, seeing how other inhabitants of our condo were taking to this challenge.)

I sit now, facing the balcony with our sliding doors drawn apart and wide open, enduring a bout of wishy washy weather. A moment ago, I was actually sitting out on the balcony, but I can’t do so now because it’s sort of, kind of going to rain but hasn’t really. Sigh. I guess I might as well enjoy whatever remaining daylight there is left before all turns to darkness. It won’t be long more. It’s already 7.25 pm.

Well, there goes our plans to cook for the evening. It’s somewhat amusing how unexpected occurrences can alter the plans of an evening. But then again, if unusual things don’t happen every so often, where’s the fun in life, isn’t it? (That’s me trying to see the brighter side of things – a sort of hard thing to do when it’s getting increasingly dark over here).

I’m not really relishing the thought of having to brave my way down the many flights of stairs AGAIN when Deric gets back. Which reminds me, I need a torchlight. Oh, there it is. Heh. Thank goodness I have one and I knew where it was.

Oh, the evening wailing has begun. If you’ve lived long enough in Malaysia, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Over here, we have two varieties of song that interplay at these regular times every day. While I admire their strict adherence to routine, I really wish that it was more of a private affair. The rest of us don’t always appreciate such loud displays of affection, so to speak.

Well, it’s quite interesting to sit near the balcony and to watch night fall onto the community down below. The streetlights come on, the cars whizz by as people make their way home to catch dinner and precious moments with loved ones before bedtime beckons.

The two men continue to sing. The traffic lights change every few minutes in the distance. Cars pile up. Pedestrians walk back to their nearby homes. And all the while, construction work carries on in the not-too-distant site of yet another upcoming condo. Or apartments, probably of a higher range than the variety we live in which presents power outages. I’m sure they’ll have no electricity shortages there.

Do people hate night time, in general, or love it, I wonder. I, for one don’t mind it, if I have some lights and at least a fan going to keep the heat at bay. What I don’t need right now is to think of spooky stories. Hehe.

Well, Deric has called so I guess I must be on my way now. Time to trudge down those stairs again. Dark and dreary. I shall leave you then, my dear reader, and hope to regale you with better tales the next time I return to write.

Till then, enjoy the night. And be thankful for your air conditioning, fan, light, computer, refrigerator, microwave oven, electric stove, iron, water heater….

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