Improvised dinners

My dinner today: rehashed from leftovers.

Decided not to follow Deric out for dinner with friends tonight so I could get some time to do some pending items on my To-Do List and also just for some peace and quiet to regain sanity 🙂 A last minute decision, but the longer that I have this moments to myself, the more I am glad that I chose to stay home tonight.

I’m mostly a homebody anyway, and not easily convinced that there’s really a good reason that I should be out there. Well. I do oblige most times when it comes to invitations by friends and such (I’m not a hermit by any means), but honestly, if you must know, I just like being at home. This is true 90% of the time. And if Deric and my immediate family are at home with me too, that makes my world pretty much complete 🙂

Anyway, I am here to talk about food. Because I improvised my dinner tonight due to the sudden change in plans to stay in. So I dug up some leftovers from the fridge. Other than nibbling on the fried rice that I had cooked yesterday and some baked beans from another meal in the past, I also dug out some lettuce and tomatoes and made myself a pretty decent salad and also heated up some old McD’s French fries on a frying pan too.

It turned out to be quite satisfying.

So there’s two tiny conclusions I can draw from my simple yet sufficiently scrumptious dinner:

  1. Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire sauce is a great salad dressing
  2. Never throw away French fries you can’t finish. Even though they usually taste terrible after one or two hours, pop them in the refrigerator and then re-fry them on the pan like I did. It’ll taste pretty close to what they were before (not completely as good, but not too bad), plus you’ll be glad you saved them and didn’t just waste good food by chucking it out.

Since I’ve started talking about food on this blog, I might as well mention that I intend to talk more about this subject in upcoming posts. Now that I cook on a fairly regular basis (at least a few times each week), I think I am confident enough to start reviewing recipes I’ve tried and to also share little tips and tricks I pick up along the way.

Of course, I am still pretty much an amateur and can’t claim to know very much or be very adept in the kitchen, but whatever wisdom I gain, I’ll be most willing to share. And hopefully someone out there reading this will benefit.

Alrighty, cheerio for now, as I get back to doing the stuff I’m supposed to be doing. Chores and other such unfinished business.

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