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All sorts of banners and campaigning material are strewn across every available empty space along the roads.
All sorts of banners and campaigning material are strewn across every available empty space along the roads.

We have finally arrived at polling day. Rumours of elections have been ongoing for more than a year now, so it’s a relief that this day finally has come.

In just a short moment from now, we shall know the results of Malaysia’s 13th General Election. Whether all the efforts, outcries and the many media exposés will count for something. But I guess what matters is that we did what we could.

The voting experience this time around was quite different. There was definitely a much larger turnout at our polling station this time around. It was a really different atmosphere. During the last elections, we could just show up and cast our votes within just a few minutes, but this time around, we had to stand in queue under the hot sun for a good 1-2 hours.

Where we were, it was rather peaceful but with obvious presence from the two major contenders. One of the candidates even showed up and walked up and down the queue to shake hands and interact with voters.

This particular general elections will also be a very memorable one for my family as it was the first time that my parents, my sister and I had all come out to vote at the same time and place. It is my sister’s first time, and my second.

On other matters, the indelible ink exercise was a curious thing. As had been highlighted by some quarters, it was indeed difficult to handle the ballot papers and cast your vote with a finger that was still wet with ink. In fact, as expected, the ink proved to be quite easy to remove, leaving only slight stains behind on my finger.

That being said, it was really so heartwarming to see the eagerness of Malaysians to show up to vote for this 13th general elections. Perhaps in a way, many of us are finally learning to love this nation that we’ve been blessed with. For better or worse, this is where we live and where we should also rightly be passionate for.

What lies ahead for us in the coming weeks and years? We may not be able to tell for now, but if Malaysians remain as passionate and united as what I’ve seen today, maybe we’ll finally arrive at our proudest moments and rise to become the nation we’re meant to be.

Malaysia's 13th General Elections
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