Image source: Facebook – Carl Zeiss Birding_US

It’s another one of those days that I’m up craziily early, thanks to having snoozed off much earlier than usual the night before. Apart from the usual noises of traffic coming from the few highways that surround our condo, I can hear the dogs who live in the houses below us barking occasionally at this or that thing.

More heartwarming however, is the fact that I can hear the birds singing. Not just one, but many of them, each with their own unique tune.

It is such a beautiful sound to hear in the morning. That even while the sky is still dark and dawn has yet to break, there are these little creatures who are already raring to go and bursting out in song to let the rest of the world know about it.

They’re just small animals, these birds, compared to others in the animal kingdom. But they have always symbolised to me how God always provides for His creation. The Bible says that He knows when even one sparrow falls to the ground.

These creatures of song also speak to me of hope. That even in the dark of night, there is still something worth declaring aloud. That life is worth singing about.

A new day will begin soon. I hope my heart will sing at the start of it, just like these birds.

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