Uncertainty and its merits

Here I am, on the Internet, on a peaceful and decidedly hot Saturday morning, reading up about a company I’m supposed to write about. I already have in my possession the interview responses I need from a top personnel in the company, and yet, I hesitate to go through the last few stages of completing my draft.

Why so?

Well, because quite frankly, I feel uncertain. But past experience has often proven to me that this can actually be a good thing.

The reason is that it’s only when I feel unsure about something that I would bother to go the extra mile to dig up other sources of opinion or information about the same subject which I intend to write about.

This is important because, truth be told, a lot of people, (and especially politicians and business folk) will tailor their answers to squarely address what you requested for in your interview question. In other words, you get nothing more, nothing less. That is not really a good thing.

There are nuances to every story, little details that people may leave out. Sometimes unknowingly, but at other times, purposefully.

It is our duty as journalists to become acquainted with all angles to the tale and to uncover precious morsels of information that are pertinent to the story. That is how good stuff get written.

So, uncertainty can be a journalist’s best friend. Being too confident about a subject matter may result in us becoming complacent, and, in effect, may cause us to miss a crucial point such that our story becomes flat, dull and inconsequential. All due to a mere lack of meticulousness.

Hence, I came to the conclusion some time ago that I would no longer dread this feeling of uncertainty because it pushes me to find out, to go beyond the basic framework of my assignment, and to potentially uncover interesting facts that readers out there may appreciate.

To present before them an article containing revolutionary ideas or life changing perspectives that have the potential to transform their lives into something better than it was before.

It is the striving for such ideals that keeps me going. The thought that someday, when things come to a head, I will find that it had all been worth the effort.

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