Late night episode

As the title clearly implies, it’s another night where I’m up at what some might refer to as an ungodly hour.

(Although I am inclined to believe there are no such hours that can be considered as such since God is present in every hour and if He is there, how is then ungodly?)

This is all because I slept a little too early due to tiredness and hence, my body wants to do me a great service by reminding one too many hours too late that I really should get up because I have things to do.

I’m now contemplating whether I should go over some unfinished work or busy myself with cutting capsicums in the kitchen in an attempt to reduce my stress levels in preparing dinner tomorrow… or should I say, later today?

A bird has just started chirping. At past four in the morning. What a sprightly creature.

I feel it’s way too coincidental that it should suddenly start tweeting (yes, that’s what birds have always done, long before we created a virtual alternative for which the word is now frequently used). Perhaps it’s another of God’s reminders to me that He is here with me, even at quiet, lonely hours as this.

My back hurts and I still wonder why. Maybe a trip to the doctor will be needed in the morning. Sigh. There are very tangible bodily signs that I am soon breaching the 30s age bracket.

So soon. Too soon.

And what has my life become thus far? Not much, I would say.

I sometimes wish there was more purpose and meaning to these day-to-day episodes. Beyond the work deadlines, house chores and social obligations.

God, if only You would inject a little more revelation and inspiration into these times. I know You don’t owe it to me to do so, but it would just sorta be nice.

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