The JB journeys


Deric and I are off for another brief trip to Johor Bahru to visit his dad.

It’s usually a long,  sometimes boring and tiring trip, so to keep my spirits up this time,  I plan to share with you a little bit of the sights, sounds and (possibly) smells and tastes that we typically experience on such trips.

For the first post, here’s a picture of our lunch. Fast food because we got up late and left late (and even later because I normally take a long time to get ready despite my best efforts).

Everybody wants things to be fast in this life. I find that I’d rather take things at a slow pace.

I absolutely detest rushing around and being late (something that happens quite often in my life). I wish, now and then, that concepts like time did not exist.

Then we wouldn’t grow old. Distinguish late comers from early arrivers. Mull over memories.

Time upsets me, because there’s never enough of it.

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