A dose of health

Health issues can really be a pain.
Image source: The Posh Society

Looking back at this past decade or so of my life, one of the many lessons that I’ve learned is that it’s really important to look out for your own health. Well, it’s not like it’s something new that I haven’t heard before in the earlier years of my life, but I guess it’s only in my 20’s that I realised that the little things we do everyday can have such an impact on the outcome of our health.

Among the problems I’ve endured in my 20’s so far are gastric and heartburn, back aches, urinary tract infection, piles, constipation and yeast infection. It may not seem like much, but honestly, facing each and every one of these issues made everyday living a less enjoyable experience.

The amazing thing is that some of these problems are easily fixed by things like eating enough greens or fibre-filled foods, drinking enough water as well as getting enough sleep and exercise.

For instance, my back ache woes were relieved quite substantially after the doctor advised me to take calcium supplements. And my ongoing constipation problems were also much better managed once I started taking prune juice and psyllium husks as part of my daily diet.

I guess in some ways I’d not bother as much about taking such initiative unless I had faced a health issue or more. I mean, I always knew that having enough fibre in my diet every day was crucial to preventing constipation, but I didn’t always make enough effort to ensure it was carried out.

Another thing about having endured these temporary health issues is that it has taught me to be more aware of my body. Small signs like pain in certain areas, itchiness, etc that previously I may have just shrugged off or ignored now concern me more and I pay closer attention to them. Which is good, since, for instance, I’ve managed to successfully prevent prolonged periods of heartburn or gastric just by quickly resorting to pills or popping food in my mouth at crucial times.

The most eye opening time was also the detailed medical examination that my husband, Deric and I went for at the hospital. For one thing, it helped me realise that my health on the whole wasn’t as bad as I imagined (I had a pretty clean record for the overall exam). It also showed me that no one’s body is perfect and that those little quirky details of your body are okay and do not necessarily spell disaster just because it’s different from someone else’s body.

The diagnosis for Deric’s high sugar level issue (which is a precursor to diabetes) was also an education for me in that he has to watch his sugar intake more and it has indirectly taught me a great deal about which foods are high in carbohydrates and sugar. I have also seen how easy it is to lose weight by avoiding excessive carbs (as a result of Deric losing a lot of weight just due to his change in diet).

So, on the whole, I’d say, the 20’s era has taught me big lessons about health. And the wisdom I’ve gained I will continue to hold dear as I progress through the later years of  my life. I certainly hope it will help save Deric and I from lots of unnecessary health trouble in times to come.

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