Blog and blue


I remember there was a season in times past when just about everyone was into blogging. I can’t be entirely sure that this was a predicament that had gripped the whole world at the same time, but it was certainly true of the social circles which I was a part of.

It was during my university days.

Perhaps it had to do with the fact that I had much more time on my hands in those days (though I recall it never felt like it was enough, even back then) that I too joined the bandwagon and started my own blog.

Or it could be simply because I was actually rather lonely in those days and kind of needed an outlet where I could vent and express myself freely. To attempt to sound like I was intelligent and actually worth other people’s time and attention, in hopes that they would notice me.

Ah, but I digress.

What I had really meant to say was that it was great having a blog in those days because since nearly everybody had a blog too, they were all keen on ensuring that everyone else would read their blog.

Hence, they would visit the blog of their friends to read a post or two there and then leaving a brief comment somewhere. (With a link pointing their friends to their own blog, of course).

And what would a nice friend do in response? Well, besides replying the said comment, it is likely that he or she would also feel obliged to visit the blog of the friend concerned. Not forgetting too the obligation to leave a comment in any suitably identified spot as well.

I remember getting a whole lot of comments on my blog back then. And having a long list at the side panel of my blog containing hyperlinks to all my friends’ blogs so it would be easier for any of my visitors to jump straight to a blog belonging to one of my friends.

Alas, those times are long gone. These days, it seems like a somewhat impossible feat to get anyone at all to read my blog. I wonder if everyone else is having the same problem, or perhaps it’s just me and it’s because my blog is so boring and rarely updated? Hmm.

It’s lonely to blog these days. Because everyone has opted for the shorter, niftier option of saying very little in the form of real words and instead letting pictures and videos do the talking.

That’s fine and has its own significance and relevance given the technology of our times and the way in which members of society tends to communicate with each other nowadays, but it’s still a bit unnerving for a writer because nobody seems to be bothered with reading anything longer than the 140 characters (which is the maximum length of a tweet on Twitter).

It feels like talking to the wall or whispering to the wind. That feeling of futility that no matter how much you write, that it would probably not amount to much.

And that is one of the reasons I hesitate to update this blog at times.

Another is that I feel as though I have nothing worthwhile to say. But perhaps that comes also from not having any validation or support for what I blog nowadays.

Sigh. I’m sounding more and more hopeless the longer that I write this post. I think I shall come back another time and I hope it will be a bit more cheery when I write again by then.

2 thoughts on “Blog and blue

  1. I still blog and read blogs. But i realise the most updated blogs are fashion and home deco blogs and of course mommy blogs! Hmm…. maybe some trendy selfies could boost readership.
    haha. I kid. I kid.
    Just keep on at it. I’m still here reading and appreciating your posts 🙂


  2. Why, hello there Melisa Nice of you to drop by. 🙂

    I tried to start a habit of daily blog updates, but apparently it’s not working out 😛 Oh well, need to find new ways to motivate myself to write things other than work. Anyway, see you around! 😉


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