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Hmm. I haven’t been able to write for awhile, but well, whatever it is/was, I’m back now. Tada!

So it seems that I’ve reached the point in life where people can potentially mistake me for being pregnant when it’s just plain old chubbyness. Haha.

A contact of mine on Facebook sent me a private message recently asking me this question. It was kind of awkward, honestly.

Well, the thing is, hardly anyone will ever say to me that I’m gemuk because they all still think that I’m STILL too skinny (compared to average female body sizes in general, I presume; or maybe they’re just saying that to be polite?).

However, the fact that people are asking me whether I’m pregnant when I’m actually not can only point to one other conclusion that had been playing on their minds: the notion that my tummy is rounder than it usually is.

Which, put in simple plain English means they think I’ve put on weight. And that, if translated into the easiest to understand terms basically means that… I’ve grown fatter lah. Aiyo.

Well, I guess no point denying it if it’s true, I suppose.

I mean, it is a fact that I have been having a bit more trouble than usual when putting on a quite a few of my pants and several beloved skirts that I’ve come to enjoy wearing over the years.

I admit that I feel more than a bit uncomfortable whenever I wear these articles of clothing. It like I have to constantly hold my tummy in just to be able to go around wearing them. And that is simply not a fun thing to be doing all day while you’re out and about.

So yeah, based on this information alone, you could probably more or less safely conclude that I might have gained a few extra kgs lately. (I have yet to actually weigh myself lately, but I suppose I will do so soon just to confirm what I kind of already know).

I guess it’s not reached the point where I’m alarmed beyond belief about my weight, but nevertheless, I do often wonder now and then how I really feel about all of this and whether I am completely okay with this new weight of mine.

But well, on the bright side, this could signal my big fat chance (every possible pun you can think of is intended here) to go out and buy a whole bunch of new clothes on the pretext that I can’t fit into my old clothes anymore. Not bad deal, I’d say.

However, the part about having people mistakenly assume that I am pregnant when I really am not is honestly a tad annoying.

First of all, just because I’ve been married for awhile doesn’t mean that it’s time I started having kids. That is an awfully presumptious conclusion for anyone to assume.

And secondly, if you’re typically not that close to me to begin with, then I think it’s terribly rude of you to ask such forthcoming questions. Does it really make any difference to your life if you knew whether I was pregnant or fat or both?

Anyway, I guess this is part of the stuff that hits you in your 30s and beyond.

Best thing I can do  is to just try my best to live well, savour every moment I’m given  and appreciate whatever I have. Regardless of what degree of flab there is on my body.

Oh and of course, try to exercise a bit more regularly and avoid unnecessary food intake. Hehe.

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