Encounters of a creative kind

Old t-shirts get a new leash of life as bags :D
Old t-shirts get a new lease of life as bags 😀

Woohoo. This past week or so has been great because I’ve finally gotten round to doing some things that I’ve kept on my To-Do list for really long.

One of them was to recycle old t-shirts into useful things like turning them into bags. The picture above shows the results which I managed to come up with using two of Deric’s old tees. Cute, aren’t they? 🙂

They were both really easy to do and did not require a single stitch of sewing. Of course, there are some things I would have still liked to improve on such as how to close up the gaps between the tassels (they were knotted together to form the base and sides of the bag) and also how to make more sturdy bag handles.

But well, at least I’ve gotten started at last. It has been a desire that I’ve harboured for ages and ages… to make my own bags. Hopefully it will progress more from here into the realm of sewn bags and things hatched from scratch.

A batter batch

Another thing that I’ve been up to of late is baking. This is another of those things that I’ve always wanted to do, but never really plucked up the courage to try.

Well, I have now done so and thankfully, my first few attempts have been with really easy and failproof recipes 🙂 I feel like taking on more complex stuff now hehe.

Moist walnut cupcakes
Moist walnut cupcakes

Here’s my most successful baking product to date: moist walnut cupcakes. The recipe comes with instructions to make icing as well, but personally, I think they’re fine even without them.

The cupcakes contain finely ground walnuts and lemon rind, so they have that slight tangy taste and as their name states, they are indeed quite moist and lovely to chew on.

I also tried making muesli bars for the first time, and I did a version with apricots and honey. It was pretty nice too, except that the final product stuck to the baking tray and it was quite tough trying to get it off. Cutting the thing up into even sizes was also difficult, as you were supposed to slice it while it was still hot.

Also, I think I will need to factor in some tray rotation into the baking time as the muesli sitting on the inner side of the tray (closer to the back of the oven) got a bit too brown.

Well, there’s always room for improvement in the second batch, which I hope to work on soon.

The wonders of creating

Having indulged in these baking and bag making activities of late, I realise that I seem to enjoy making things. Both these activities involve creating something new.

You know how they say that a creation tends to take on the characteristics of its Creator?

I feel that way right now. In my small, humble ways, I too love creating things, in the same way that my Father God took pleasure in creating me and the world that I live in.

Of course, the standards that I go by when crafting something cannot compare to His. But at the very least I’m trying and I take heart that somewhere in me I do carry traces of His traits. Signs that I am truly His.

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