Shopping sights


Well, hello there.

It’s a lovely Saturday afternoon over here at my condo, and I’m chilling for a bit in the kitchen over a cup of Maggi Hot Cup Tom Yam flavour (which simply is THE best Hot Cup flavour,  I can assure you 😉 ).

Yesterday was a public holiday, making this an extended weekend. And so, as you would expect, the mood is lighter today as there is more than the usual amount of time to get things done at home (assuming I don’t squander too much of the available time I have :P).

Anyway, the best part about today thus far is the fact that Deric and I have ALREADY done our grocery shopping for next week. Yaay. This is a real accomplishment for us as we very rarely get things done THIS early. Hehe.

It’s so nice to shop for groceries in the earlier part of the day because we get a better selection of fresh produce than the wilted varieties that greet us when we shop in the late evening or at night.

Alright, so the reason for this post is to share some of the quirky sights I often see while out shopping at our beloved Jaya Grocer/Presto supermarket/Tesco combo.

Here are some of the “treasures” I’ve uncovered so far…


Someone obviously thought us savvy shoppers wouldn’t believe them when they said their cheese was mature. So they just had to do something to convince. Like adding the word “seriously” as part of the labelling.

It’s mature cheddar, alright? I mean, seriously.


Well, we all know what to do with the brats we have at home now. Why, just cook them! Or better yet, smoke them.


I’ve posted this via Facebook before, but I think it warrants repeating, no? I honestly don’t know what to expect with a product named as such.

What is it? A candy? An ice cream? A bottle of juice?

I’m all for catchy and cute product names, mind you. Bouncing berries suits me just fine. But suckies? Erm something sounds mildly obscene there, if you asked me.

Well, that’s all I have to offer you for today, folks. But no worries, I will certainly add more of such photos in other posts whenever I stumble across another amusing aisle discovery.

Meanwhile, I have finished my Maggi instant noodles and will be moving on to the cooking plans I already have in mind. Till next I write, toodloos!

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