A curious little discovery

Image source: Wikispace: Literary devices

Here’s a new thing for me to aspire towards: literary journalism.

I first learned of the genre while searching for an image for one of my previous posts. In the process of sifting through pictures from Google Images, I stumbled upon true/story lab, an interesting little site by Duke University, Durham, England.

How fascinating. I had never heard of the term before this. It actually sounds like something I could write. A form of writing that is actually pretty much factual (something that I am used to tackling thanks to being a journalist) and yet… allows creative expression and a level of dramatisation as though it were a work of fiction.

It doesn’t fall very far from the tree where biographies and historical documentation come from, but perhaps there is a happy middle ground here where I can thrive.

Something new to think about, that’s for sure.

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