Criss cross Christianity

Image source: Fanpop
Image source: Fanpop

Every time Sunday comes around, I toy with the idea of whether I should start blogging about the struggles I face with regards to my faith. I think long and hard about this every time the thought crosses my mind, because I am concerned what implications this will have on others.

Will it strengthen the personal resolve that my readers have about their walk with God? Or will it only serve to make them falter?

And then I find I cannot decide on whether it’s better to say it or remain silent, and because of that, I just end up not writing about it at all.

Well, I’ve come to a point where I figured it’d be better that I did write something about all of this rather than not saying anything at all. So here I am.

Let me kickstart this topic by sharing a few facts about my Christian background:

I grew up in a Christian family and have been exposed to things like church and reading the Bible and the concept of carrying out a consistent Quiet Time for as far back into my childhood as I can remember.

To top it all off, my parents have been, all throughout my life, leaders in church in some capacity or another. This is a significant piece of information to take into consideration because it has profoundly shaped my view of Christianity and who I became as I grew up.

I should add as well that my parents gave me ample room to make my own decision about whether I would like to become a Christian or otherwise.  And I chose to take it up.

Another important piece to the puzzle of my life is the fact that not only did I choose to accept Jesus as the Lord of my life, but at some point along the way, I actually chose to step up and take on roles of leadership in Christian circles.

I have effectively relinquished such positions ever since I got married, and have faced a considerable degree of reluctance with regards to assuming such responsibilities once more. This will probably be one of the issues I discuss in the future.

Having been a Christian for most of my life, I have experienced my fair share of faith crises, church woes and the like. These aspects of my Christian walk are another significant area that I would like to bring to light.

Lastly, I should warn you that whatever I write about under this new category (which I shall file under the label of Faith on this website) is entirely my own opinion, and it should be viewed as such and should not be taken as the gospel truth. You have the Bible for that.

At the same time, however, I see nothing wrong with voicing out how I feel or think about certain Christian beliefs or practices. After all, I have always held the view that God gave us brains because He wants us to make good use of them to think deeply about life and all its mysteries.

Besides, if I’m not actively pondering over on the very things that I say I believe, then how can I be sure that I am actually really convicted about it all?

So here we go then. Imma gonna let it all out, more or less. I hope you will benefit in some way from it, my dear reader. If not, then just take it as a form of venting on my part.

Alright, stay tuned for the next post in this series then. For now, I think I’ve said enough.

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