Mad in Malaysia

Kee's World comic strip - current issues

It’s not really fun to be Malaysian right now.

Not that I can recall a specific point in time where it was indeed terribly fun to be one, but of all times, right now seems to be one of its worser moments.

Perhaps at the end of all our woes we’ll all be stark raving mad.

First, we have the ongoing problem of water rationing, and now, apparently some are saying there may be a need to declare a water emergency. What does that even mean?

Then we have the haze which seems to be worsening by the day as well.  Every morning, when Deric and I get up and look out our windows, we see a what looks like a blanket of mist in the outside surroundings. But of course, we know better. It’s undoubtedly the haze. It’s gone from a season where I’m uncertain whether wearing a mask would be a silly public spectacle to a case where I no longer am ashamed to wear one since so many others have taken on the same measures.

And to make matters worse, we now have a missing airplane to our name. Such unnecessary worldwide attention couldn’t have come at a better time. As members of the media, we feel the impact of this incident a lot, even among those of us who aren’t directly involved in covering the story. We have our TVs turned on in the office to listen to live broadcasts, and every so often, a colleague would share something they’ve read from social media.

Then, of course, we take turns to get chosen by editors to contribute supporting stories related to MH370’s disappearance. In the case of our desk, we homed in on tech related aspects, of course. As always, scrambling  to get the story out is tiring enough in itself. Add the ongoing morbidity to that, and you kind of wonder at which point we’ll all start sinking into the realms of long term depression.

Don’t even talk about the prospects of contracting dengue fever even. Perhaps being ill can help take a person’s mind off the sad state of affairs we’re in. Somehow, that doesn’t seem like such a bad thing the more I think about it.

Okay, so I’m being horribly pessimistic in this post. Let’s hope the next thing I write here will be better. Meanwhile, it’s off for a weekend assignment I go.

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