Lunch leisure

It’s an unusual lunch hour. I’m alone! 🙂

But I should tell you quite frankly that I miss this. The ability to hide away in some quiet, unknown corner and be simply lost in the crowd. Where nobody knows you or cares what you do.

I like this sort of thing. It’s a kind of freedom. A license to just be self-absorbed and not worry for a good half hour or more what else is happening in the world. To just be me.

I know there are people who can’t bear even the thought of lunch alone.

I had a junior in university who just had to have someone to sit with during lunch or else he’d feel uneasy (and this often led him to intrude on MY private lunch time bliss haha).

But for me, I cherish time alone at lunch. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the occasional company of friends or colleagues though. It’s just that it’s not a necessity for me.

So anyway I’ve decided not to write long and unwieldy posts here onwards so I’ll leave you now to enjoy the remains of my quiet lunch.

See ya around.

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