Tick tock

Crazy how fast time goes by. I don’t think I’m keeping up very well. Sigh.

Since the last time when I told the story about my lost iPad mini, Deric and I decided that it was okay for me to get a new one so yay. Now I can blog from my iPad mini, in addition to my laptop.

What that should mean, essentially, is that I now have no more excuses for not blogging more regularly. I’ve got a SIM card jammed into this tablet, so technically I can actually blog anytime, anywhere.

So that might be a good thing for you, my beloved reader.

Or it could just mean that your eyeballs are going to be reeling from the sheer volume of meaningless text that will flood this website.

Right now, I think I might be a bit mad from a combination of waking up at this weird hour and reading a good few The Umbrella Academy comics. Hehe.

So I shall leave you for now. But hope to be back pretty soon.

P/s: Sorry for the lack of images accompanying my recent blog posts. I shall resume the tradition of one per post by the next time I post.

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