Ticket to ride


In order to portray myself as someone who’s keenly attuned to the demands of my job, I generally tend to inform people whom I meet while out on work assignments that I was once a programmer for 2 years in the banking sector.

At other times, I might say instead that I hold a double degree in both accounting and business systems (read: IT).

Well, while both these facts are 100% true and helps people form a logical conclusion in their minds as to why I’m working as a tech journalist, they are not prerequisites that you would need to land a job like mine.

These things just happened to be the means by which I convinced the Powers That Be that I have earned the right to be in the field of journalism.

But really, the truth of it all is, having a formal education and/or working experience in the IT industry aren’t really necessities for you to get hired as a tech journalist.

And why do I say so?

Well, because I don’t have a degree in communications or mass media or any sort of paper qualifications within the field of the arts. Most of the skills I use at work every day came from simply being an avid reader of all forms of media bearing text and just being determined to try and try again till I mastered the skills I needed to generate material that someone out there would think is worth publishing.

I suppose some people out there will feel differently about this, but to me, journalism doesn’t really require you to have a degree to prove you can write.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the essential skills you’d need to have in order to excel in this job would be to just have a good command of the language that you are writing in, an inquisitive mind and a healthy dose of creativity.

The rest you can learn along the way.

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