I have something to say. Really, I do. I’m just trying to recall what it is.

It’s ironic how whenever I am not in front of a keyboard/laptop/desktop PC/mobile phone/tablet, there are at least a dozen blog post ideas floating about in my head. But the moment I sit down to actually want to type out something, all these thoughts just drift away.

It’s as though the universe conspires to prevent me from ever writing anything meaningful or heartfelt. And then, since I have already set aside the time to blog, I feel the obligation to write something anyway despite the sudden loss of memory, and hence end up churning out mediocre posts for you to read.


It’s not that I don’t try.

Another thing I’ve been deliberately attempting to do on this blog is to always include at least one picture per post. Be it one I’ve captured myself or something I’ve nabbed from some corner of the Web, I feel that it’s necessary to at least provide you with some form of visualisation.

And why is that?

Well, because it seems everything is so image-centric nowadays. Social media won’t be what it is today if it weren’t chock full of photos. Even formal business presentations and reports are laden with infographics. And it goes without saying that in my job, every single story I write requires me to furnish images to accompany it as well.

But I must admit it’s tiring. And inhibiting. Because sometimes all I’d like to do is just pull up the WordPress app and hammer away at the keys to craft some sentences and publish them in a post. But then I’ll end up thinking: Oh, wait. This doesn’t have a picture to go with it. It’s not going to work.

And then all the initial enthusiasm I had to write the post just vanishes. And I feel my brain freezing up and I feel as though I’ve nothing left that’s useful to say.

I feel as though people won’t read blogs anymore, and that whatever effort I put into sprucing up this space or even writing well planned posts will go by unnoticed. And the thought saddens me.

I miss those days where most of my friends had a blog, and we would regularly pay visits to each other’s blogs and leave comments on them (a sign that we had actually read the posts, since that would be required in order to leave a relevant and relatively logical comment).

These days, people settle for Internet memes, GIF illustrations and lots and lots and lots of photos with brief captions. And lists (think Top 10 Things You Need to Do to Succeed in Life kind). And quizzes. Don’t forget those quizzes.

So who’s got time to read a boring ol’ blog anymore?

But I guess I still need an outlet to write stuff that’s other than work. And to imagine, just for brief moments here and there, that I’ve a ravenous bunch of readers out there just waiting to devour every word that I write.

Sometimes imagination is the fuel for life.

* No images with this post, just because I have so decided. Check back later to see if I’ve come to my senses again when I next post.

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