Visual vanity

It kind of irks me how troublesome it is just to insert an image into my blog posts.

There’s always the issue of proportions and this problem is especially compounded whenever I am posting from the mobile app.

At least within the Android platform, there’s the WYSIWYG option of editing the photo there and then, right from the Edit view of the post. On the iOS version of the app it’s worse: not only am I unable to easily edit my image while composing my post (it just all appears as a bunch of longwinded HTML code), I can’t even view the items in my Media Library. Now, that’s just really really lousy.

So, in the interest of getting myself motivated to write more often for this blog and with less fuss involved, I am going to temporarily forsake uploading images for my blog posts. Unless, of course, the post would not make sense if there was an absence of illustrative pictures.

Well, I guess my initial habit of having 1 picture per post will be something that I will return to doing in the future. Perhaps even sooner than I think. But for now, I guess I just want to be able to focus on writing impactful text rather than getting frustrated with the nitty gritty details of image resizing, alignment and other image coding related tasks.

My apologies to any readers out there for whom this may pose a problem. But honestly, I’m beginning to think that this blog thing is more of a thing I’m doing for me than it is for anyone else’s good. A discipline of sorts I need to relearn; a place where I can write unfettered by expectations, deadlines or the need to (quite literally) be politically correct.

This will be my game plan for now. Post often, and more candidly. Do let me know your thoughts if you follow this blog and have something constructive to say that can help me improve.

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