2 years


One night, within the quiet exterior of a car parked in a residential area in the heart of Petaling Jaya, a particularly self assured gentleman asked a queer yet necessary question: “Would you like to complicate my life further?”

To an innocent observer, his query would seem all but puzzling. However, the lady to whom this was addressed knew perfectly well what he meant by those words.

Staring at him as he completed his somewhat awkward question, she realised that this could only mean one thing: He was quite possibly in love with her.

So they decided to take a stroll down a nearby park sa they talked further of their feelings and intentions.

And then, finally, under the glare of the floodlights in the middle of that park, they decided they would begin their journey of romance as they sat on opposite sides of a picnic table.

The date was 8 September 2009. But they chose to commemorate the day as 9 September instead, because, well, that was easier to remember. 9.9.2009.

And that was precisely how Deric and I started off in our relationship. Much more happened after that, of course, and it all led up to this day, two years ago, when Deric and I got married.

I am not exactly sure how to summarise all that takes place over the course of 2 years between two people that are wed , but all I can say is that it has been a worthwhile journey and I am glad that I embarked on this journey with him.

People often make tons of jokes about marriage, often hinting at how tiresome it is or how one’s spouse makes life unbearable or fetters a person’s previously enjoyed freedom of singlehood.

While most of such jokes of this nature are meant for laughs, for some, there is perhaps a certain grain of truth there and a degree of cynicism in what they say because they believe it to be true.

Well, I beg to differ.

I’ve enjoyed every bit of being married right from the very day when we exchanged our vows.

Granted, we haven’t always gotten along swimmingly. There have been times we got on each other’s nerves, drove each other up the wall, and every other description of this nature that you can think of.

But much more often than those annoying incidences, there have been plenty of other moments when I’ve stolen glances at Deric as he’s in the midst of doing some random chore around the home, or while he’s serving in church or busy poring over work on his computer, and I’ve thought to myself, again and again, just how glad I am to be with him everyday.

Thank you Deric, for marrying a clumsy little oddity like me. You’ve made my life a whole lot better just by being here. I certainly hope I’ve done the same for you.

Happy 2nd anniversary, sayang 🙂

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