Kimchi to the rescue

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Long ago, in the days when Deric and I had just started dating, I remember an incident where he had taken me to eat at a quaint little Korean BBQ joint somewhere in The Strand in Kota Damansara.

There we were, chomping down a typical Korean meal, complete with its many lovely side dishes. He was watching me intently as I chewed on some kimchi and when I finally swallowed it, he asked me, “Did you like it?”

In those days, I wasn’t deeply in love with kimchi, but I didn’t hate it. The meal I had with him  that night wasn’t the first time I’d eaten it anyway.

“I don’t mind it,” I told him.

If memory serves me well, I recall him being awfully serious when he replied, “It means a lot to me that you like Korean food.”

I hadn’t expected him to care that much about Korean food, but then again, him being a half Korean and all, it shouldn’t be a surprise either.

Well, since then we’ve had plenty of opportunities to eat kimchi, and we’ve even had the real deal when we went to Seoul about 2 years ago for a holiday and also to visit his mother, grandmother and other relatives and friends from that side of the family.

In fact, we have learned how to make our very own homemad kimchi, too. (And danmuji too, in case you were wondering.)

I’ve grown to love kimchi a whole lot more since then, and would now list it among my favourite foods. 🙂

In fact, I think it might even turn out to be one of my lifesavers during this first trimester of my first ever pregnancy.

I just had some with my chicken porridge for dinner earlier, and it seems to be one of those foods that actually successfully made me feel like eating. It’s a nice feeling, and one that has become increasingly hard to come by with the on/off nausea that accompanies these early days of pregnancy.

There have only been a few other significant incidents where I’ve had a sudden surge of appetite. One other such occurrence was yesterday when I had assam laksa for lunch.

YES. Assam laksa. That glorious dish which I also adore just as much as (if not more than) kimchi.

Seriously, what do Westerners do amidst nausea in pregnancy like this in the absence of wonderfully tasty sour/spicy dishes such as the ones we have here in Asia? I dare not imagine. *shudders*

So I think I’m beginning to see a pattern here. Sourish food with tinges of spicyness really seems to help with my appetite in spite of the presence of nausea. This might come in as a useful tactic.

I shall decree the production of a new batch of fresh homemade kimchi tomorrow since it’s a public holiday after all. I’m sure Deric would oblige. Hehe.

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