A dose of happy


Hi there.

Yesterday was a good day, and today looks like it’s set to be another one.

What does it mean when I say that nowadays?

Well, it now refers to those days when I’m not feeling nauseous and can eat with a healthy, hearty appetite. Moments when my mind is clear and I can think with ease, in the absence of a headache or those on/off bouts of dizziness.

Where there is no strange aftertaste in my mouth, no aches from my back or any area within the lower regions of my abdomen, and I’m not overwhelmed by feelings of either tiredness or sleepiness every few hours.

Yes, those are the makings of a good day for me.

(Oh, and I’m enjoying my first mug of coffee in weeks this morning, making it an extra special, happy day.)

So, folks, this is a brief snapshot what pregnancy does to you. But it really isn’t as bad as it seems.

On the one hand, yes, it’s tiring and I cannot understand why my body is reacting in all sorts of crazy ways at random times throughout the day.

But then there is that excitement of knowing that a little life is gradually growing inside me and that is such an overwhelmingly awesome thought. I marvel at this fact every day.

How is it even possible? It is especially hard to comprehend because it goes on unseen, and on good days like today, mostly even unnoticed by me.

It is during moments like this that I am reminded of the greatness of God, Who is practically the only One capable of bringing about such a wonderful miracle.

Right from the day that I discovered that I was pregnant, I have been constantly Googling stuff up on the Internet just to try and come to grips with the amazing things going on for Little Dot day by day, week by week.

I read forums, visited parenthood and pregnancy themed sites and watched YouTube videos. It has been the videos that have struck me the most. In particular, one that I watched about the fertilisation process that goes on between a spermatozoa and an ovum.

It may seem like such an effortless thing to conceive, but there is so much that needs to take place in order for a tiny zygote to be created. No biology lesson I’ve ever had back in school days had me as awestruck as I was when I watched that video.

I am especially thankful for the 14 days MC that my gynaecologist has graciously given me. Although the bleeding in my uterus is an alarming thing to discover, perhaps it is a form of God’s blessing because this time to myself – to rest whenever needed and to (occasionally) work at my own pace – seems to be doing me a whole lot of good.

Ironically though, several (different) groups of friends seemed to have suddenly awakened to the idea that it’s high time to meet and catch up. Almost all at once. *gasp*

And as always, I find it hard to turn down invitations such as these. But with these recent onslaught of first trimester woes, it’s honestly become a whole lot tougher than it usually is to drag myself out of the house for just about any reason at all.

Perhaps I need to get more creative at excusing away my absence without revealing my pregnant state unnecessarily. Oh, but I’ve pretty much stated it very openly here already, haven’t I?

Then again… hardly anyone reads this blog, eh?

Anyway, I’ve told myself I will not waste the hours today. For as long as I’ve still got this surge of energy and enthusiasm, I will try to actually get some chores and other outstanding To-Dos accomplished. Till the next bout of nausea comes to call, that is.

For now, I’ll just take another swig of my one and only cup of coffee for the day (yup, there are daily coffee/tea rations for the one who’s preggers, unfortunately) and hope for the best.

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