Enduring pain


Trying my best to keep my spirits up, but honestly I do not feel all that chirpy or cheery. I just feel tired. And tons of pain.

To be honest, at the start of this week, I thought that I had finally gotten used to these pregnancy related symptoms. Things were looking up when I returned to work on Wednesday. But only briefly.

First of all, I had a flu that day. And an assignment that is farther out than usual (although thankfully it was my colleague who was driving). All of that I’d say is still manageable… up until the point when I injured my back.

Yes, ladies and gents, just as life looked like it was about to improve for me, I just had to do something silly to make things worse. Apparently, something I did while out on assignment that day hurt something around the region of my tailbone. Initially, I’d hoped it was a momentary muscle pull or just a slight injury that would soon disappear by the time I went to bed and got up the next morning.

Not so. In fact, it seemed to be getting worse.

Thankfully though, the very next day was my appointment with my gynae and I brought it up (being uncertain whether it perhaps had something to do with my pregnancy). He referred me to my old orthopaedic surgeon (who thankfully is also from the same hospital) so something could be done about my back injury.

Well, the outcome of that consultation was that I was told the injury wasn’t that bad. However, there would be no painkillers or medication for me, in view of the fact that I am pregnant. The only treatment I have to relieve my pain is to use a hot/cold pack.

Let me tell you, this is a VERY painful injury. It causes me to experience aches and pains in the region just above my butt nearly every time I move: whenever I stand, sit, squat, pee, poop, lie down in bed, turn, etc.

About the only time that I feel almost no pain at all is when I stand. Uhuh. Well, I can’t be standing all day, can I?

So there you have it. Another woe to add to my list of current ailments.

Well, there is SOME good news: the gynae told me that the internal bleeding in my uterus has stopped. Medication will continue for now though.

Little Dot is growing well and now has a heartbeat that sounds akin to a galloping horse (which I’m told is a common description most pregnant ladies tend to use, for which I know understand why). The fella is looking more and more like a little body now, although limbs and facial features aren’t quite that developed yet.


I’m trying to console myself that all this will be worth it and that I just need to endure another month and then things will get better in the second trimester. I hope that will be true.

For now, I am doing my best to take some comfort from Mr Happy, who is perpetually smiling at me.

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