A good enough reason

Ho hum. So I haven’t written here in at least a month or so.

Well, now that I’ve renewed this domain name for yet another year, I suddenly feel the compulsion to make an appearance again. Nothing new, eh? I’ve never been a very consistent blogger, especially since entering adulthood.

Well, priorities do change over time, and there are, to be honest, many days when I question whether blogging is really worth the effort. Does anyone really benefit by reading about my life and my views of the world?

Perhaps it’s because of all this overexposure to social media. While I don’t deny the benefits that it has brought to our lives, I cannot help but feel that being hyperconnected is not really as great a thing to have as it may seem.

A whole lot of what we do online is mostly narcissistic. Surely frequent glances in the mirror and boasting to the people we see everyday would be enough? Do we truly need to flood cyberspace with every little detail of our lives, even when not everyone to whom we broadcast our information to truly wants to know?

Perhaps my work is to blame for this. Being a tech journalist, we have no choice but to delve deep into all these new means of communication, to embrace the latest and greatest things from the Net.

Maybe this is why I feel so jaded about writing for a public audience. It’s that defeated feeling of knowing that hardly anyone will read whatever we write (even when we do it in our professional capacity) or even if they do, they won’t be enthralled in the least.

Maintaining a blog, to this end, just feels like adding to the noise.

So why am I still here?

Because a tiny part of me still wants to make a difference somehow. There is still this hope that someday I will figure out a way to say things that will captivate readers and at the same time, impact them positively in the way I have always wanted to do.

Plus, my husband, Deric bought me this domain name as a birthday gift, so there is undeniably quite a bit of sentimental value attached to this space. Hehe.

Here’s to another year of (hopefully) better writing output. Cheers.

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