Analysis paralysis

This is a term I learned from my husband, Deric. He is an analyst by profession, and this is how I guess those in this line of work describe the difficulty of trying to understand something of a complex nature through the use of too much analysis.

I might have understood the concept wrongly, but well, the context I have in mind as I write tonight is that I have this problem of thinking too much.

This often leads me to delaying the process of writing something down because I keep self-censoring my thoughts and reasoning away why a certain topic will not be of interest to others while something else is not appropriate for public reading, could potentially be offensive, etc.

Partly, I blame my job for this analysis paralysis syndrome. Being a journalist for a mainstream newspaper means we have to be extremely careful how we word our stories, and what shades of meaning it carries and the potential of how it might get misconstrued. This even extends to the images we use to accompany the stories we publish and how the layout is done relative to other neighbouring content on the same page or even on the next or previous ones.

But the other likely cause for this other overthinking problem I tend to suffer from is just plainly my personality. I tend to worry or over-analyse just about everything. While I suppose there is a time and place for doing this, most times it just serves to make my life extra complicated. And that’s bad.

It’s quite hard though, having come to this point in my life, to JUST write without worrying too much about the consequences and all that. Which is bad because it means more often than not, I end up procrastinating and never really writing. Or even if I write, it just comes out like a faint shadow of what it could have been because I keep putting up these unnecessary boundaries for myself.

On the one hand, I’m a wiser, better writer now than I used to be, thanks to the added experience the extra years of living have given me. But then again, I now have plenty of good reasons to NOT write, and this, in my opinion, is starting to ruin everything.

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