2015: View of the present

Image source: Well and Awake

It’s just a shift in dates, isn’t it? And yet, here we have all this New Year buzz. Lights. Colour. Cheer. And that lingering holiday mood that is making it oh-so-hard to return to our normal routines.

Perhaps I may come across having that that Ebenezer Scrooge vibe when I say this. But the reality, I feel, is that nothing much changes just because it’s a start of a new year.

It’s really down to how determined we are to do something differently or to make resolutions or amends wherever required. Because the option is also there to do nothing, and in so choosing, we basically maintain the status quo of 2014 as we wade into the waters of 2015.

On a personal note, I should say that I deliberately did not set any New Year Resolutions for 2015. It’s not that I don’t have any goals to work on for this year, it’s just that I know in my heart that if I reel off a long list of To-Dos, it’s quite likely that I wouldn’t have worked through even half the list by the time December rolls on by.

Hence, I have decided I would rather set targets to be achieved in the shorter term. Perhaps, one or two, then once they are accomplished, more to follow suit.

In that way, at least I can be content in knowing that when I embark on the next round of goals, I have already achieved some.

Another reason why I am not aiming as high this 2015 is because this is the year I will finally become a mother. I say finally, because this is one of those milestones in life that many of us women think about way before we are even physically able to bear children.

It is something we wonder about, in the same way that we fantasise about marriage, and how it will be like for us to be blissfully wed to some unknown stranger whom (at that point in time) we have yet to meet.

Well, for me the person whom I call my husband already has a face and a personality. And in a few months’ time, so will my first child.

I suppose that’s quite enough to keep me busy for most of the year, in addition to having to figure out what to do about balancing my career and my domestic life so Little Dot will have someone to love, care and nurture him.

And yes, I still have to resort to calling our future son that because Deric and I have yet to settle on a suitable name for him. More on that in another post, so as to not mix in too many topics into my first post for 2015.

Anyway, the subject of this blog of mine came up the other day in a casual online conversation I had with my editor. He asked how much I pay for the domain name and hosting, and this consequently reminded me of the fact that the annual fee I am paying for the hosting of this blog ought to compel me to post here more often.

It’s not something I haven’t said before, and it also isn’t a goal that I haven’t already set and broken multiple times. But I suppose I should try harder.

So I guess that’s at least 2 things to work on in 2015 for now. Let’s see how I do by the end of… January, perhaps?

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