Great. Late. Awake.

It’s 4+am and I am awake.

Well, not that experiencing this is anything new, but I haven’t really had this in awhile. And I have never liked it happening.

I guess this took place because Deric and I are both tired. We were both sitting in bed, catching up after a long day when before long… he was asleep and so was I. Pfft.

And so now, I’m up at this odd hour and not too keen on going right back to sleep.

For one thing, my entire body is itchy in various spots. It’s as if I developed a sudden allergic reaction. Or it could just be that pregnancy rash doing its thing again (which would not be hard to believe since baby might be having another growth spurt in there).

I sort of wish Deric was awake with me right now. Then at least I’d have some form of company and won’t feel as crazy as I do now being up alone. Now it’s just me and my thoughts.

Work is bugging me a tad bit . Not that I have a lot on my plate just yet, but I guess it’s because I know there are things I should have completed by now, but haven’t. Sigh. I haven’t really been in much of a mood to get things done since even before New Year’s.

On a different note, I’m kind of contemplating doing some of those 2015 lists that I’ve seen around on Pinterest.

One is a list of various photography themes  whereby you are required to snap one picture a day to meet a specific theme. Another is a long checklist of various book types to read throughout the year. They’re both equally interesting lists.

The only thing about these things is I’m afraid to start them for fear I won’t actually finish them. That’s such a hindrance, isn’t it, thinking in this way?

Anyway, I think I need a shower to rid me of this random body-wide itch. Bye.

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