Sense, seasons and the future tense

Deric and I have been so tired lately, falling asleep earlier than our usual bedtime. That’s life in the city, I guess. Always busy with this or that. Or sometimes, just having one too many prolonged episodes of being stuck on traffic. While it’s raining.

When this tired-sleepy-snooze patterns repeat for a few days in a row, the futility of every day routine sometimes starts to bother me. Everything feels like it’s just going around in circles, and time just marches on. There doesn’t seem to be any reason or rhyme to it all.

But then again, perhaps I shouldn’t complain. As per what I often tell my friends and colleagues, busyness can be a good thing. Well, at least you’re being productive in some manner or form, rather than being idle and bored.

Plus, I’d rather have normal, predictable days, one after the other, than an extraordinary day where something could potentially go really wrong. (Like days where accidents, deaths, serious illnesses or anything else that has far reaching consequences takes place).

As a Christian, it’s comforting to know that in principle (and in fact, of course) there is a God in charge of it all and an ultimate eternal purpose behind everything that happens to us. But grasping the gravity of this in the context of real life situations is often a challenge.

Then again, maybe not everything is meant to be understood. Some things, perhaps, are just meant to be lived through and faced with a healthy dose of faith. Because God certainly always knows what He is doing.

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