Tech perspective

Image source:  Women's Health
Image source: Women’s Health

So here I am at the end of a long day trying out a new gadget I’ve been given to review.

I suppose many others out there may think of this as an ultra cool thing to be doing for work: being able to get your hands on relatively new tech gear out there and writing about that for a living. But honestly, for me, as I’m doing this time and again, it doesn’t feel all that special.

Not saying that I don’t enjoy what I do though. Just that maybe when you do this as a routine thing, it starts to feel like something that’s pretty normal.

As ordinary as brushing your teeth every morning or eating food at regular intervals because your stomach dictates that you are hungry.

Either that, or perhaps this is my way of remaining neutral about it all and not getting overly excited over such opportunities nor letting it get to my head too much.

Whatever the underlying psychological rationale for it may be, I guess I know deep down that this will not always last forever. These sort of privileges. It’s a thing for this season of my life, but a day will come when I will not have such luxuries to enjoy.

In fact, I never really feel 100% at home with the gadgets I’m entrusted with for reviews. Something about it not really truly being mine makes me handle it very differently from the way I would if it actually belonged to me.

Oh well. Work is work. But I suppose it doesn’t hurt that it looks cool to everyone else.

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