Time @ home

So much to do , and so little time!

Finally, I have some time to chill at home with Jamie (who technically has no say on the matter, being nicely ensconced in my belly). I have been looking forward to days like these ever since my first trimester. It’s really quite tiring to be at work and pregnant. However, I usually refrain from saying much about this because I don’t believe in whining even when I have a good reason to. 

(After all, it’s not that we pregnant women have suddenly become weak just because we’re carrying a little blossoming life within us. Just that we need to be cut some slack because growing a tiny fella is a lot of hard work and takes a toll on our bodies.)

Well anyway, I plan to at some point to write a more extended tale about my pregnancy journey, but that will not be the subject of this post. After all, I’m just here to check in after not having written a thing for more than a month now (I still need to justify to myself the amount of money I’m paying to host this website and keep this blog alive). 

And that is because, as you can see above, I’ve got plenty to do. That list is only a partial one, and there are lots more items that I couldn’t fit in because the paper was only SO BIG. 

Got plenty on my mind to talk about though, so I’ll make sure to be back soon. Hope you’ll come visit often too and keep me company 😉 

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