Moment of waiting

The time has come for me to face the experience of labour. 

Of all the different elements of pregnancy, this is the one that has most women afraid. It is a nightmarish scene of blood and pain and gore that we expect to see. And it is precisely for this reason that many of us are hesitant to get pregnant in the first place. 

But does it necessarily have to always be that tough and painful and hard to endure? I suppose I will find out soon. 

The thing about pregnancy is that each woman’s encounter of it is a vastly diffferent one. Some sail through it with no challenges at all, while others battle issue after issue throughout the 9 months. 

So far, I would say my first experience of pregnancy has been fairly alright, and uncomplicated in general. This is not to say I did not have all the usual troubles with nausea in the first trimester. And endless rounds of falling sick  and a litany of other ailments in between. 

But at least I had no problems of hypertension or gestational diabetes. And my dear baby Jamie has been kind and clever enough to position himself suitably for birth. 

Now that I’ve started bleeding vaginally and contractions have begun, it’s all a waiting game for Deric and I and it’s merely a matter of time before Jamie soon makes his way out into the world. 

I feel surprisingly calm. Perhaps I’m just trying not to think of how difficult the later stages of labour will be. Or maybe now that I’m moving towards that phase, I find the pain along the way bearable enough that I am not overly alarmed by the thought of contractions getting more frequent. 

Whatever the case may be, I have plenty to be thankful for. 

For one, our trip to the hospital happened late at night and that meant there was no traffic congestion during our journey here. 

Deric and I managed to get a room to ourselves in the Delivery Suite. 

Jamie’s heart rate and movements have been great since we got here. The acceptable range for a baby’s heartbeat is between 120bpm to 160bpm and apparently, his is well within that. He moves often enough to assure me he is okay too. 

And Deric is right here with me, so I am not entirely alone in facing whatever is to come. 

My pain during contractions has been to a degree that I can bear, and my back pain has been quite minimal. 

Not sure how long this wait will be or how much tougher it will get, but it’s great to see that things are progressing slowly but surely and that Jamie is doing okay all the while. 

Once all this is over, I will want to reflect on the entire pregnancy journey I have had, and to recount what’s been good/bad, true/false, enjoyable/dreadful about it all.

But at the moment, I’m just thankful that labour up till now has not been an overly stressful experience, and that I see a possibility of going through it without going berserk. Thank you Jesus for being gracious to me and Jamie and Deric. 🙂  

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