Salsa season

Salsa, regardless of type, tastes splendid.

Recently, we’ve been having a whole lot of salsa to munch on over here.

Deric and I attempted our first ever homemade salsa (as seen on the left in the photo) as it was a required ingredient for a beef recipe we were cooking. The beef dish turned out great, and so did the salsa.

What I didn’t realise until we had made our own version of salsa was that there are different types of salsa.

The salsa on the right was made by my Mum and is a copycat version of the kind you find at Chili’s.

Meanwhile, the type that we made is known as raw salsa, which has more freshly cut ingredients than the former.

Anyway, the raw salsa recipe works, and we got it from the BBC food website. You can check it out here if it interests you.

It’s super easy, and tastes great not only with chips of any form, but also with crackers. Jacob’s Hi-Iron Cream Crackers, to be more precise.

Oh and my Mum made the chips you see in the middle of the pic. That’s something else we have yet to master.

Anyway it’s 7am in the morning and all this writing about food makes me hungry. Gonna grab me a snack before my little sayang gets up. Goodbye!

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