All pumped up

So it has begun. We’ve started introducing The Bottle to Jamie. Hehe. 

Personally, I was glad to have put this off at least for the first 2+ months of Jamie’s life. The thought of a potential nipple confusion issue arising from the early introduction of feeding bottles was one that raised my concerns. I love the feeling of Jamie nursing at my breast and I think he does too, so it’d be really sad if bottles got in the way of that and left both of us frustrated. 

But anyway, The Bottle would have needed to be introduced at some point, since I still harbour hopes of taking on freelance journalism assignments. I may have relinquished my full time employment status as a journo, but there’s no harm in taking on the odd assignment or so, especially since it would probably pay much better than some random writing gig. 

Well, I digress. 

What I meant to go on to say was that now that we’re working on getting this bottle feeding thing off the ground, I’ve taken to working up a more regular pumping schedule to express my breast milk. So far it hasn’t come to a point of being insane, but I hope to make it a habit of pumping for a few minutes after each direct latch session. I got this idea from one of those many online articles I’ve read about bottle feeding. 

Apparently, doing this will not drastically increase your milk supply, but it will help mantain it somewhat. The act in itself is pretty much the same as having the baby nursing for a few extra minutes at the breast. But perhaps since I will be physically with Jamie most of the time (aside from the times I may have to go out for work reasons), I won’t need to stock up as much expressed breast milk as some other ladies do. 

Also, I’ve read other articles that say the best way to boost milk production is just to nurse more often. So there you go. 

Well, so far, I’ve managed to get a yield of 1-2 ounces (approximately 30-60ml) each time I tried doing this. This is although I have yet to  make it into a regular feature after every nursing session with Jamie, so  I’ll probably need write another update about that when I do accomplish it for the purposes of a comparison. 

But anyway, I’m happy with my achievements so far. 

I have some other contingencies waiting to be exercised such as consumption of lactation cookies, nursing tea, uncovering what my milk booster foods are, etc. But I’ll not get ahead of myself and become all flustered about this. Perhaps it won’t be as demanding on my body as I expect it to be?

Alrighty. We’ve still got our hurdles to overcome since Jamie isn’t really completely happy with this bottle arrangement yet. But well, I’m sure this’ll get ironed out sooner or later. 

Okay, he’s up and crying now. Bye!

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