Truth and lice

Yup, that’s them. Those disgusting little creeps known as book lice.

It’s one of my current domestic woes. Book lice.

I first discovered them at home when I was about to put Jamie down into his Fisher Price rocker. A bunch of them were swarming the insides of the rocker. I’d never seen such insects before, and hence, was worried what they were and what effect it would have now that they had made their way onto Jamie’s stuff.

To make matters worse, the more I examined other items in Jamie’s bedroom, the more I realised that these insects were also present elsewhere in the room.

The worst part was realising they were climbing the walls.

I called Deric at work and described to him the situation.

We decided on a temporary solution of spraying Jamie’s rocker with some organic insect spray from Cosway. Deric said he would later help to remove the cover for the rocker and to have it washed.

As for the other things in the room, we’d go through them later. I quickly moved Jamie’s basket of clean clothes outside.

But the more I went back to his bedroom to move things about and to inspect the surroundings for the dreaded insects, the more I could feel imaginary bugs creeping all across my skin.

This was also about the same time I found a colony of ants making their way into our home via the front door and into our kitchen.


I hate bugs.

Not long afterwards, we managed to get a pest control company to come and inspect our home for free. He then told us what those unidentified insects in Jamie’s room were: book lice.

And since then, I’ve noticed that these lice are not just in Jamie’s room, but every bedroom in the home. On the walls. Under the windows. And possibly in our stuff too, I suppose.

Apparently, it’s because of dampness and mould, which they feed on.

I also found a water leak from the external building wall in our master bedroom, somewhere in the gaps beneath one of our windows and the wall. It spanned the entire window pane and the wall had turned black underneath it. And of course, the book lice where happily wandering about amidst the lovely chaos.

We got our condo maintenance to get the leak fixed around that time as well. But since then, we’ve also noticed that plenty of spots around our windows have water coming in, despite having a silicone seal put in place in those spots when insect screens were installed in our home.

When will we be rid of these pests?

The ants also keep appearing in random places in the kitchen, even when there is nothing visible there that they can feast on.

Anyway, the pest control guy assured us that the situation we were facing was actually very mild, and that there wasn’t really a point in getting anything professionally done. He suggested we saved our money and looked at home remedies instead.

In fact, as far as the book lice were concerned, he said they were harmless.

Well, I suppose no home is spared of these visits from pests. Nevertheless, I am pretty unhappy about all this.

The ongoing rainy season is going to make it tough to chase those book lice away, thanks to the extra humidity in the air. I’ve been making more efforts to open the windows in all the rooms lately, but after all that effort, it will just rain again and then the problem will repeat itself.

I really love the rain. I always have, because it puts me at ease and helps me write a tad easier. So this really is the first time that rain has a negative connotation for me. I certainly hope this pest problem goes away soon.


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