Write time

It’s 2016 and I’ve been thinking about posting here ever since 1st January rolled on by. But it does get harder to slot in time to do so, especially now that I am a mother and at home each day to care for my young son. 

I think long and hard too about what topics I should venture into in my posts. There’s a lot that can be said. Quite frankly, every single thought that enters my mind could be a potential post. Every conversation I have with others. Each experience that I find myself in. 

But which of these things matter and which are too trivial to bother you, my reader, with the details thereof?

And should I take the humorous stance? Or the contemplative, inspirational one that I tend to resort to by default?

Am I here to entertain? To share indiscriminately? To boast? Bore? Flaunt? Or share a litany of flaws? 

As usual, I overthink yet again. 

Whatever the case may be, I am here now. And I am writing to you. You whom may know me. And some of whom may not, but for reasons unknown, have stumbled upon this little space of mine on the Web. 

I will write whatever I am capable of writing. I will put words to my thoughts and dream, hopes and fears. If it is boring, so be it. If it entertains or invigorates, let it be. 

I dare not make promises of any sort, knowing full well that most are made only to be broken. Yet I hope to do better than I had before. To explore topics that intrigue and inspire. 

And perhaps, while the magical dust that itches a person to try new things at the start of a New Year still permeates the air, will go crazy with entertaining the thought of penning that book this 2016. 

Maybe, the only word I have to offer is maybe. 

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