Lurking evil 

Last updated on: 18 March 2016 
The second toe on my right foot has been looking suspicious lately. The nail looks a little out of the ordinary in the sense that one of its edges curls in a little more than I expect it should. And the skin around the nail is peeling like crazy.

After some research on the Web, I roughly concluded that this might be a case of fungus growing underneath my nail. Of course, this is a self diagnosis so I could be wrong, but I figured if I can keep the condition of my toe from getting worse and somehow help it to heal, perhaps I can avoid going to see a doctor.

It’s hard to go to the doctor’s nowadays thanks to my tagalong buddy, Jamie. Wherever I go, he has to go too since he still needs ’em boobs for his daily fill and also, he’s quite attached to me since I’m his primary caregiver.

So I started looking up what sort of home remedies I might be able to conjure to contain this potential fungal outbreak.

In the process, I stumbled upon this link.

Out of the many home remedies suggested, I decided to go for the one using apple cidar vinegar since I think I can tolerate that one. What’s required is to make a solution consisting of equal parts of water and apple cidar vinegar and to soak the affected toe for 30 minutes in it and then to dry it thoroughly.

Only trouble is I doubt I can spare 30 minutes to just sit and soak my toe since Jamie keeps me busy throughout the day. So instead of soaking my toe for that duration, I opted to squeeze a cotton ball soaked in the solution every few minutes (or once what’s already on my toe dries). I tried to keep this up for approximately 30 minutes.

I only managed to keep the routine up for 2 days, then resorted to cutting the affected toenail as short as I possibly could, since I realised the fungal looking part didn’t extend to the entire nail, so hopefully it will grow out and I can cut it away and be rid of the problem.

Besides that, I realised that doing this apple cidar thing might make the skin on my toe even more dry than it currently is. So I thought I could slather some baby oil on it once I complete the cidar soaking exercise.

I also read online that this fungal thingy can spread fairly easily to other parts of the body, so I made sure to wipe down my nail clipper with an alcohol swab once I had cut that toenail. Deric has plenty of alcohol swabs available since he uses it when he has to prick his finger to check his sugar level.

Once I’ve applied alcohol to the nail clipper, I leave it out in the open to air dry and don’t use it on other nails till later. So far so good. No new fungal-like areas have appeared anywhere.

I’ve recently resumed the apple cidar vinegar routine because after trimming the toenail again there seemed to be some irritation afterwards. I just need to be sure there isn’t any lurking fungal that decides to spread further. Last thing I need is to have to strip away my entire toenail.

So here’s to hoping it turns out okay and that this home remedy thing works. I’ll report back once the issue is cleared to say whether or not it’s a useful remedy for future reference (and for you readers to benefit from too, if you ever have a similar problem to mine).

Update #1: 

So I gave up and went to see a GP at a nearby clinic about the toe. The apple cider vinegar remedy I tried might have worked, perhaps, had I been more vigilant in applying it to my toe everyday. But I didn’t. So perhaps no surprise that it didn’t solve the problem.

It actually looked like the toe was improving for awhile, but I stopped doing the apple cider vinegar soak routine after 2 days. Only to resume it after more than a week when I noticed things hadn’t changed much. But by then, I also kicked my toe against a table leg and it bled and came up with some pus. So it was both a fungal AND a bacterial infection by the time I saw the doc yesterday.

I was prescribed anti fungal cream to apply to the toe as well as oral antibiotic medication. Let’s hope this clears after the course of antibiotics ends.

Update #2: 

Yup, so I finished the course of antibiotics and continue used the anti-fungal for a few extra days afterwards. Toe is about back to normal now, though I would only be 100% sure after I’ve trimmed off the remaining suspicious parts of my toenail. 

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