Not sure what I was thinking when I decided to start a separate blog about motherhood and its impact on me. I can’t even keep this blog up consistently. I’ve been doing a bit of thinking and perhaps I should just scale down to one solitary blog and keep it that way. 

It’s not for a lack of thoughts that I haven’t been blogging. I guess I just wanted my posts to be brilliant. That whenever I publish something here, it would be a worthwhile being read and not just mad ramblings of a woman marooned at home with her young son. 

But maybe, if that’s what this has to come down to, I should let it be and just type away. The money spent on upkeeping this domain will not be worth it if I keep self censoring myself. I can blame my past as a journalist for the hesitation, but it’s going to do me no good. 

Even the ambition of writing a book someday has dimmed to the point that I think maybe it’s even something I may not pursue. In a way, it’s looking at things in a different light. But at the same time, perhaps it’s a sad thing because I’ve sort of lost my ability to dream and hope for bigger things. 

Regardless, I should write more. As I always say here. I really should. 

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